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Why 21 Million BTC May Have Been Chosen

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 509x

Bitcoin mathematics: Why is the total supply of bitcoin 21 million and not any other number? The answer lies in simple mathematics.

Binance Launches Margin Trading

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 193x

Binance, a major platform for trading cryptocurrencies, has launched its new version. The main change is the option of margin trading.

What Trump’s Bitcoin Tweet Changes

| Matúš Kopalko | 264x

Cryptocurrencies are being increasingly noticed by governments and banks. After Trump’s tweet on bitcoin, its price increased.

Bloomberg believes in bitcoin already

| Nika Baráková | 145x

Bloomberg has admitted that the financial world is changing and that crypto currencies will play a crucial role in the financial market in the future

What value has 1 satoshi?

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 137x

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, let's explain how satoshi began and what contributed to its popularization

Crypto for women, too!

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 145x

Men still dominate the technological fields. Women often face prejudices. Cryptocurrencies, however, may be an exception

8 reasons why Libra is unique

| Nika Baráková | 132x

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is talked of as an ideal combination of bitcoin and Tether

Crypto payment cards in Europe

| Matúš Kopalko | 150x

Coinbase debit Visa cards, which facilitate everyday crypto payments, are now available in 6 european countries

Bitcoin at USD11,304

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 111x

The bitcoin cryptocurrency has reached its largest value this year, securing a new high

What value has 1 satoshi?

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 155x

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, let's explain how satoshi began and what contributed to its popularization

Why did bitcoin plunge?

| Matúš Kopalko | 148x

At the beginning of june, bitcoin traded for 8 500 USD, but it didn't take long and a correction dragged it down by $500

Will bitcoin replace gold?

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 127x

Digital technologies and space industry are factors influencing gold's ability to store value in long term

NFL players want paychecks in crypto

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 179x

Players of American National Football League (NFL) discuss options to get paychecks for sports performance in bitcoin

One dollar, or one bitcoin?

| Matúš Kopalko | 200x

Youtuber's interview says it all - the majority of university students would prefer one dollar to one bitcoin

Bitcoin Swiss watch Encrypto

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 218x

Limited edition contains luxury bitcoin watch, laser-etched QR code of a crypto wallet and a USB with private key

Big investors like crypto

| Matúš Kopalko | 206x

Survey among wealthy investors by DeVere Group company reveals, 68% of them is planning to invest in cryptocurrencies

New blockchain bank in sight

| Matúš Kopalko | 367x

Innovation and user experience for digital companies is behind the birth of a blockchain bank by Medici bank descendants

3 Ways how to inherit crypto

| Matúš Kopalko | 294x

Discover 3 smart ways how to ensure safe ownership transfer of your cryptocurrency to descendants already today

Pepsi got 28 % efficiency increase

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 212x

The well-known company PepsiCo was not afraid to experiment with the use of blockchain in atypical area - automatic purchase of advertising

Binance's “small” misstep

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 255x

The largest crypto exchange hacked! New projects and platforms need to primarily focus on security

Fidelity is going to trade bitcoin

| Matúš Kopalko | 156x

Investment company Fidelity, manages $2,5 trillion, is going to offer bitcoin trading to institutional investors

Is bitcoin the future of payments?

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 255x

Cryptocurrencies still have some way to go before they are able to provide transaction capacity, after which there is a demand

12 Examples where blockchain comes handy

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 288x

Blockchain is already helping to address the multiple security challenges of the digital era, such as stolen identity issues and online fraud

Will Philip Morris save money?

| Matúš Kopalko | 233x

Philip Morris is working on a blockchain that is estimated to save up to $ 20 million immediately

Watch out your private keys

| Matúš Kopalko | 226x

Blockchain “bandit” stole 45 000 ETH by guessing an electronic wallet's private key

Bonds heading to blockchain

| Matúš Kopalko | 231x

The French company Societe Generale SFH has released on blockchaine security tokens worth EUR 100 million

Blockchain bank group

| Matúš Kopalko | 187x

The investment bank giant plans to expand the existing blockchain project. He wants to solve problems associated with bad payments

Blockchain in your company

| Matúš Kopalko | 212x

Not every entrepreneur understands him. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used in your company

Online voting in USA

| Matúš Kopalko | 173x

Mobile apps are the latest tool for voting periods in US municipalities

Autonomous vehicles future

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 171x

The world of intelligent transport is developing an autonomous vehicle. Also with blockchain technology

Louis Vuitton on blockchain

| Matúš Kopalko | 199x

The fashion industry has always faced the problem of counterfeiting and it is still looking for best solution. Fake articles are becoming more and ...

BTC almost $ 5,000

| Matúš Kopalko | 174x

Bitcoin bounced off the bottom. After breaking $ 4200, it didn't stop at $ 4400

Two new Japanese exchanges

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 114x

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has approved two new cryptocurrency exchanges

Chicago Fintech hub

| Matúš Kopalko | 174x

According to the mayor of Chicago, cryptocurrency adoption could be inevitable. Why?

New Huobi Prime

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 151x

The new service Huobi Prime is to compete with Binance Launchpad

Ethereum comes with news

| Matúš Kopalko | 152x

Ethereum core developers have reassured that they will introduce a new mining algorithm

Thailand - What about ICO?

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 196x

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the first portal for initial coin offerings (ICO) in the country

Is ETH a security?

| Slavomír Kaňuk | 156x

SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, stated that Ether (ETH) is not a security