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Tether: Griffin and Shams’s Research is Dubious!

|Matúš Kopalko|108x

The sharply criticized research of professors Griffin and Shams has been scrutinized even by the company behind the cryptocurrency Tether. It did not find many positive words for it, either.

Ideal Security Setup for Bitcoiners

|Matúš Kopalko|354x

Ideal setup depends on the amount you own. Experts from Casa spoke out on how to secure bitcoins so that they don't disappear.

The Effect of Crypto Scams

|Matúš Kopalko|292x

What are the long-term effects of crypto scams on consumers and legitimate businesses and why they do they arise?

CFTC Chairman: Ether is a Commodity

|Matúš Kopalko|148x

Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Heath Tarbert has said that Ether, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, is a commodity.

Crypto Wallets from Old Phones

|Slavomír Kaňuk|329x

Parity Technologies has released a new version of Parity Signer, a mobile application that enables you to turn your old smartphone into an offline crypto wallet.

23% of People Will Never Sell Their Bitcoin

|Jakub Kraľovanský|397x

A survey revealed that 31% of the respondents would sell most of their bitcoin at a million dollars but almost a quarter intends to keep their bitcoin forever.

A New Liquidity Ranking System by CoinMarketCap

|Ján Repa|372x

In November 2019, CoinMarketCap (CMC) is going to announce a new liquidity ranking system. This came mainly as a response to manipulations in the crypto markets.

Why 21 Million BTC May Have Been Chosen

|Slavomír Kaňuk|626x

Bitcoin mathematics: Why is the total supply of bitcoin 21 million and not any other number? The answer lies in simple mathematics.

Binance Launches Margin Trading

|Slavomír Kaňuk|295x

Binance, a major platform for trading cryptocurrencies, has launched its new version. The main change is the option of margin trading.

What Trump’s Bitcoin Tweet Changes

|Matúš Kopalko|368x

Cryptocurrencies are being increasingly noticed by governments and banks. After Trump’s tweet on bitcoin, its price increased.

Bloomberg believes in bitcoin already

|Nika Baráková|206x

Bloomberg has admitted that the financial world is changing and that crypto currencies will play a crucial role in the financial market in the future

What value has 1 satoshi?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|233x

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, let's explain how satoshi began and what contributed to its popularization

Crypto for women, too!

|Slavomír Kaňuk|227x

Men still dominate the technological fields. Women often face prejudices. Cryptocurrencies, however, may be an exception

8 reasons why Libra is unique

|Nika Baráková|203x

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is talked of as an ideal combination of bitcoin and Tether

Crypto payment cards in Europe

|Matúš Kopalko|230x

Coinbase debit Visa cards, which facilitate everyday crypto payments, are now available in 6 european countries

Bitcoin at USD11,304

|Slavomír Kaňuk|175x

The bitcoin cryptocurrency has reached its largest value this year, securing a new high

What value has 1 satoshi?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|254x

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, let's explain how satoshi began and what contributed to its popularization

Why did bitcoin plunge?

|Matúš Kopalko|220x

At the beginning of june, bitcoin traded for 8 500 USD, but it didn't take long and a correction dragged it down by $500

Will bitcoin replace gold?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|180x

Digital technologies and space industry are factors influencing gold's ability to store value in long term

NFL players want paychecks in crypto

|Slavomír Kaňuk|260x

Players of American National Football League (NFL) discuss options to get paychecks for sports performance in bitcoin

One dollar, or one bitcoin?

|Matúš Kopalko|292x

Youtuber's interview says it all - the majority of university students would prefer one dollar to one bitcoin

Bitcoin Swiss watch Encrypto

|Slavomír Kaňuk|314x

Limited edition contains luxury bitcoin watch, laser-etched QR code of a crypto wallet and a USB with private key

Would you bet $ 500 000 on Ethereum?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|315x

Crypto leader's bet lies on a speculation, whether Ethereum thrives on decentralized application market in future

Big investors like crypto

|Matúš Kopalko|296x

Survey among wealthy investors by DeVere Group company reveals, 68% of them is planning to invest in cryptocurrencies

New blockchain bank in sight

|Matúš Kopalko|455x

Innovation and user experience for digital companies is behind the birth of a blockchain bank by Medici bank descendants

3 Ways how to inherit crypto

|Matúš Kopalko|432x

Discover 3 smart ways how to ensure safe ownership transfer of your cryptocurrency to descendants already today

Pepsi got 28 % efficiency increase

|Slavomír Kaňuk|291x

The well-known company PepsiCo was not afraid to experiment with the use of blockchain in atypical area - automatic purchase of advertising

Binance's “small” misstep

|Slavomír Kaňuk|353x

The largest crypto exchange hacked! New projects and platforms need to primarily focus on security

Fidelity is going to trade bitcoin

|Matúš Kopalko|221x

Investment company Fidelity, manages $2,5 trillion, is going to offer bitcoin trading to institutional investors

Is bitcoin the future of payments?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|329x

Cryptocurrencies still have some way to go before they are able to provide transaction capacity, after which there is a demand

12 Examples where blockchain comes handy

|Slavomír Kaňuk|367x

Blockchain is already helping to address the multiple security challenges of the digital era, such as stolen identity issues and online fraud

Will Philip Morris save money?

|Matúš Kopalko|321x

Philip Morris is working on a blockchain that is estimated to save up to $ 20 million immediately

Watch out your private keys

|Matúš Kopalko|347x

Blockchain “bandit” stole 45 000 ETH by guessing an electronic wallet's private key

Bonds heading to blockchain

|Matúš Kopalko|327x

The French company Societe Generale SFH has released on blockchaine security tokens worth EUR 100 million

Blockchain bank group

|Matúš Kopalko|259x

The investment bank giant plans to expand the existing blockchain project. He wants to solve problems associated with bad payments

World Institutions test cryptocurrencies

|Matúš Kopalko|293x

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have launched private blockchain and a cryptocurrency called “Learning Coin”

Blockchain in your company

|Matúš Kopalko|296x

Not every entrepreneur understands him. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used in your company

Online voting in USA

|Matúš Kopalko|240x

Mobile apps are the latest tool for voting periods in US municipalities

Gazprom applies blockchain

|Slavomír Kaňuk|196x

Russian gas giant Gazprom to execute business contracts on a blockchain

Autonomous vehicles future

|Slavomír Kaňuk|227x

The world of intelligent transport is developing an autonomous vehicle. Also with blockchain technology

Louis Vuitton on blockchain

|Matúš Kopalko|277x

The fashion industry has always faced the problem of counterfeiting and it is still looking for best solution. Fake articles are becoming more and more popular worldwide.

BTC almost $ 5,000

|Matúš Kopalko|234x

Bitcoin bounced off the bottom. After breaking $ 4200, it didn't stop at $ 4400

Two new Japanese exchanges

|Slavomír Kaňuk|157x

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has approved two new cryptocurrency exchanges

Chicago Fintech hub

|Matúš Kopalko|243x

According to the mayor of Chicago, cryptocurrency adoption could be inevitable. Why?

New Huobi Prime

|Slavomír Kaňuk|210x

The new service Huobi Prime is to compete with Binance Launchpad

Ethereum comes with news

|Matúš Kopalko|199x

Ethereum core developers have reassured that they will introduce a new mining algorithm

Thailand - What about ICO?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|257x

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the first portal for initial coin offerings (ICO) in the country

Is ETH a security?

|Slavomír Kaňuk|229x

SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, stated that Ether (ETH) is not a security