One in Five Cryptocurrency Users are Women
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One in Five Cryptocurrency Users are Women

The report published by Bitpanda along with market research company GlobalWebIndex, shows that one in five cryptocurrency users in Europe are women. While previous research suggested that over 90% of investors into cryptocurrencies are men, the new analysis reveals that men and women are represented among European crypto holders in 78% and 22%, respectively

Crypto investors, whether male or female, differ from people who do not invest in cryptocurrencies e.g. by being more interested in computers, coding, technology, gambling, and finance.

If we compare the probability of them working in various sectors, it is as follows: Female crypto investors are 1.6 times and male crypto investors are 2.6 times more likely to work in the finance sector than women or men who do not invest in cryptocurrencies. Female investors are 2.3 times more likely to work in the field of marketing, and the same applies for men. The probability of working in the banking sector is 1.8 times higher in the case of female investors and 2.2 times higher in the case of male investors. 

As for geographical distribution, European markets, with their younger and wealthier population with larger focus on the online world, have more crypto holders. From among European countries, the largest number of crypto owners are in Switzerland. As for the cities, the largest concentration of crypto holders in Europe is in London.

A survey published earlier this month in the U.S. also revealed that 9 % of the millennials have chosen cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment option, which is more than triple compared to the older generation.


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