Traditional companies are beginning to pay attention to cryptocurrencies
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Traditional companies are beginning to pay attention to cryptocurrencies

Since its existence, cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly changed many sectors. From technology to finance, several industries began to change significantly following the dawn of cryptocurrencies. As it seems, a big change is coming to the financial sector, where cryptocurrencies are set to change not only investments, but also monetary policy, digital currencies, fiat currencies, and financial transactions.

The year 2019 showed us that companies that process transactions and provide financial services, in particular, have begun to focus largely on cryptocurrencies. Although these are the different services to be offered by a given company, they have one thing in common - interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

For example, the Skrill online platform, which provides payment services, plans to create a platform that will be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, the platform will exclusively focus on the purchase of cryptocurrencies in Bitcoin. However, Skrill has been offering its users to purchase cryptocurrencies by credit card or bank transfer for over a year now.

The same goes for Revolut. Despite its relatively young age (founded in 2015), Revolut is slowly but surely starting to focus on cryptocurrencies. Currently, it plans to raise around $ 500 million from investors for the development of new cryptocurrency platforms and services.


The giant corporation PayPal is also becoming interested in cryptocurrency startups. For example, the company was part of a large consortium to support the Libra project. Like Mastercard, Visa or Stripe, PayPal has also withdrawn from Facebook’s project Libra. The company decided to focus on its own cryptocurrency startups through its sister company PayPal Ventures, which this year invested in several blockchain startups.


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