Reasons why bitcoin will reach ATH this year
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Reasons why bitcoin will reach ATH this year

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who entered this sector in 2017 have probably experienced the busiest period in the short life of cryptocurrencies. A huge increase in less than a year meant that all cryptocurrencies, with bitcoin in the lead, experienced ATH (all-time high) over the period. It seems that 2020 could copy the success of the previous year.

There are several reasons for this. The first and perhaps the most crucial reason is the incoming halving. This will happen in the first half of this year (roughly May 12) and historically speaking, we can say that its impact will be immense for sure. The reward for mining will be halved, which means that of the current 1,800 bitcoins that enter the market every day, only 900 BTCs will enter the market in May.


The second reason is the state of the current financial system. People who say that everything is fine and under control lie not only to society as a whole but also to themselves. The very fact that the total global debt currently amounts to $ 250 trillion indicates that this financial system will have to undergo huge changes.


One of the major changes will probably be the concept of the so-called cashless society. Nowadays, the number of people using cash is falling rapidly and there is no indication that this trend will slow down. Of course, the idea of a society existing without cash seems unthinkable for now. However, if the society moves closer to this change, bitcoin, in particular, can benefit. The foundations for this can be established as early as 2020. We all have something to look forward to.


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