Big investors like crypto
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Big investors like crypto

Cryptocurrencies spread quickly and according to a recent report, 68% of big investors admit that they find bitcoin investment opportunities attractive.

Almost every big investor will own cryptocurrencies by 2022. That's one of the outcomes of DeVere Group's survey with $12 billion under advisement. DeVere Group has more than 80 000 clients, who served as perfect audience for the survey. The only condition to participate was the total amount of assets invested - at least £1 million. Out of 700 replies, which is a nice sample, already 68% of investors plan to invest into cryptocurrencies in upcoming 3 years.

“The report showed that wealthy individuals are interested in cryptocurrencies much more than before. The level of crypto adoption, as means of exchange for the future is growing. Wealthy investors are not going to overlook this opportunity and are rebalancing their portfolios towards digital assets.” said Nigal Green, founder and CEO of DeVere Group.

“Bitcoin will revolutionize money like Amazon disrupted retail”

Nigel Green explains further. “The fear of missing out on crypto will be the thing that sophisticated investors will be driven by to add cryptocurrencies into their portfolio. Nobody will want to find themselves on the outside looking in.

Maybe, the time is now, although many wealthy individuals have not joined crypto quickly, including the institutional ones. The new survey by Fidelity, finds out that up to 50% of institutional investors are becoming hungry for crypto and 20% of them have already invested into starting crypto projects.


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