By 2019, 19% of the people owned cryptocurrencies
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By 2019, 19% of the people owned cryptocurrencies

According to a survey by Kaspersky Lab, 19% of the people owns cryptocurrencies. The survey was carried out at the end of last year with 13,434 respondents in 22 countries.

It revealed that 81% of the respondents had never bought a cryptocurrency. Out of these, only 10% stated that they were “fully aware of how cryptocurrencies function”. The survey also revealed that 14% of the people who have no experience with cryptocurrencies would like to try them in the future.

One of the main reasons why people think people or corporations stopped using cryptocurrencies was, according to the majority of the respondents, their high volatility. While the volatility factor was stated by 31% of the respondents, the other reasons included the drop of the market price of cryptocurrencies and a belief that cryptocurrencies are not profitable, while both factors were represented among the respondents by 23%.

The research team noted that the acceptance of the crypto industry by global consumers is slowing down because of the absence of the right understanding of how cryptocurrencies function.


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